Educational STEAM Toys: Bridging the Gap Between Playing and Learning 

As a parent, when you find your child showing curiosity towards activities that involve science, it is a subtle hint that your child is a born engineer. Your job as a parent is to nurture the creativity and provide him/her with a stimulus to explore his/her curiosity. This is where educational STEAM toys come to the rescue. These toys are designed with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math and are in trend these days. These toys serve the excellent purpose of making the kids learn and expand their knowledge and self-confidence while they are busy playing with these toys with their peers. These STEAM toys for kids are beneficial in piquing the interest of the kids in the above-mentioned subjects, in addition to the knowledge gained in school.  


Types of popular educational STEAM toys  

You can choose the most creative and intelligently designed STEAM toys for kids, as per their age. Construction sets, puzzles, building blocks, robot sets, number games, etc., are some options. Some of the popular educational STEAM toys are telescope toy, calendar organizer toy, weighing machine, eye spy telescope, parabolic basketball, animation machine, science lab toy, space explorer, jungle explorer, soap making lab, glow Chemistry science kit, color carnival science kit, junior preschool discovery kit, magic coloring kit, junior world around me kit, shapes and opposites, junior animals A-Z, preschool learning kit, etc.   

Benefits of STEAM toys  

Along with teaching the kids, these educational STEAM toys help in awakening the spatial awareness in children and help them in increasing their patience and focus. These toys help in making the imagination and creativity of kids better and also prepare them for the skills of teamwork and problem solving required for their future.   

Steam learning toys: An excellent gifting option  

If you have to visit one of your friend’s or relative’s place for a kid’s birthday party, these STEAM toys for 4-year-olds can be used as a gifting option. Not only with the interest of the kids will be aroused when they get such innovative and educational toys, but also their parents will thank you for keeping their child engaged with such a thoughtful gift. Visit the website of Smartivity to explore the collection of the latest educational STEAM toys.  


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